Vince & Gayle

Vince’s dad wanted to direct his energy and attention and began to teach him photography and film development when he was 7 years old. Vince has never looked back. Photography grew from a hobby…to a passion…to who he is.

Over the years, Vincent has continued to study and learn more about photography. All the while, his own unique style began to emerge. Vincent has mentored with and attended working courses held by master photographers—Bud Watson, Freeman Patterson and Ansel Adams.

Vince and Gayle have been happily married for 20 years. They are best friends and polar opposites, but working together they are a team.

When not writing about themselves in third person, Vince and Gayle love hiking and camping, and spending time with their feathered family (6 personality-plus parrots). Vince also takes every opportunity (vacations anyone?) to capture the world around him.

Our whole philosophy is to keep it simple. Our pricing includes only the basics and provide you with options to create exactly what you want.

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