November 20, 2016 BLOG
detail and texture
Rich fauna, beachfront, forest of Douglas fir, big leaf maple and Garry oak trees, rivers, creeks and lakes…all in one regional park. It is easy to ......
November 14, 2016 BLOG
Welcome to the Pacific Coastal temperate rainforest, among the largest wettest, non-tropical areas in the world. It is full of living and de ......
October 30, 2016 BLOG
what lies beyond
It was time to leave the familiar world of daylight behind and venture into the darkness to explore the magical landscape of the night. 'Night'&n ......
October 16, 2016 BLOG
reception decor
When you're bored with pixie lights and elegant chandeliers and seeking something more unique, consider something a bit more eclectic: Edison bul ......
October 9, 2016 BLOG
majestic mountains
Kicking Horse Campground (Yoho National Park) and Field, B.C., offer majestic mountain panoramas of the Rocky Mountains. This image is ......
October 2, 2016 BLOG
fashion show 2
Here is another image from the fashion show at the Bridal Exhibition, Victoria this past September. How many ideas did you get from the show?When ......
September 17, 2016 BLOG
the wedding ring
We have a design palette feature in the Vancouver Island version of The Wedding Ring , Fall/Winter 2016 edition (page 20). These are the ima ......
September 11, 2016 BLOG
When you think of a flower's colours you think whites, pinks, yellows, reds, purples, oranges and blues. And flowers make you think of ......
August 28, 2016 BLOG
chinese roof tiles
A Chinese tiled roof is a work of art. It has both protective and decorative functions and is full of symbolism. These semicircle tiles, alternating c ......
August 21, 2016 BLOG
old battery
Macaulay Point Park is home to a battery built in 1878, which was to ensure the coast was defended in case of a Russian attack (the Russo-Turkish War ......
August 14, 2016 BLOG
The chestnut-backed chickadee is confined to the west coast of North America. We love that this species of chickadee is curious about humans ......
August 7, 2016 BLOG
healthy tree
The Arbutus tree is a special tree that stands out from the rest. It's all bent out of shape, twisting and turning, branching out this way and that, a ......
July 31, 2016 BLOG
park delight
Since 1882 Beacon Hill Park is a garden oasis in Victoria. Woodland trails, playgrounds, a waterpark, a petting zoo, ponds, picnic areas, a ......
July 24, 2016 BLOG
tied up in knots
Even a tree can get tied up in knots! But when a tree lives on the coastline of Ucluelet, it's not a big surprise.Ucluelet and Tofino are incredible s ......
July 17, 2016 BLOG
local petroglyph
Petroglyph is a word combined from 'petra' – stone and 'glyphein' – to carve, thus it means a carving in stone. On the southern coa ......
July 10, 2016 BLOG
tourist mecca
Victoria's inner harbour is a main gathering place with a two-level waterfront walkway—artist booths, food and drink kiosks, buskers, a&nb ......
July 3, 2016 BLOG
Lichen is a complex organism. It's a fungus and an algae living together; a symbiotic relationship. Lichen can be found anywhere—growing on decaying ......
June 26, 2016 BLOG
Along Dallas Road, near Ogden Point's breakwater, is a set of stairs. Actually there is more than one set of stairs. The first level st ......
June 19, 2016 BLOG
hunting heron
This great blue heron was hunting in the shallows at Clover Point during a low tide. It put on quite a show for a number of people who had crept ......
June 12, 2016 BLOG
harling point
Today's blog is about history in Victoria, BC. Harling Point is the place to find Canada's oldest Chinese Cemetery, designated an Canadian h ......
June 5, 2016 BLOG
hot lazy days
There's nothing like a hot day to make one seek out respite. And there is no lack of places to enjoy the heat and have a lazy day when you live in Vic ......
May 29, 2016 BLOG
The famous Stanley Park totem poles, although located on Coast Salish territory, include totem poles from all over coastal British Columbia, including ......
May 22, 2016 BLOG
begbie hall
Begbie Hall sits as part of the larger hospital complex of Royal Jubilee Hospital. It is rather unassuming and as such you don't realize its ......
May 15, 2016 BLOG
japanese maple
This elegant Japanese Maple is afire with colour. These trees add a splash of colour to any garden. This spectacular tree can be found ......
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