May 8, 2016 BLOG
natural circle
Happy Mother's Day!This image reminds us of a firework in mid-explosion. This spherical bloom is an allium. Alliums are best known for their edib ......
May 1, 2016 BLOG
This is a photo of Ollie, a barn owl that performed as part of the flight demos at the Raptor Centre. Vince has caught him hovering.As a nocturna ......
April 24, 2016 BLOG
wild pacific trail
On the western edge of Barclay Sound, the outer west coast of Vancouver Island, lies a small community known as Ucluelet. The Wild Pacific Trails is a ......
April 17, 2016 BLOG
niagara falls
When we think of Niagara Falls, the obvious image that comes to mind are the falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario—Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and ......
April 10, 2016 BLOG
iconic landmark
The Empress Hotel sits prominently in Victoria's inner harbour and is designated a national historical site. It has recently celebrated its 108th birt ......
April 3, 2016 BLOG
vintage pump
This vintage gas pump sits forgotten in what could be considered a junk yard but is part of a historical artifacts collection. This pump no ......
March 26, 2016 BLOG
belfry moon
Visualizaton is the single most important factor in photography. In my mind's eye, I visualize how a particular...sight and feeling will appear i ......
March 20, 2016 BLOG
get into gear
Artifacts from the past often include abandoned machinery—steam engines, tractors, agricultural machinery, logging machinery and mining equipme ......
March 13, 2016 BLOG
a sign of spring
In Japanese culture the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. In Chinese symbology, the cherry blossom is synonymous with re ......
March 6, 2016 BLOG
neglected gate
What lies beyond this garden wall and its gate? What adventures and discoveries will you find? Will it be an overgrown garden? Does the path lead ......
February 21, 2016 BLOG
beautiful blackbird
Esquimalt Lagoon is a perfect bird-watching location. It is a stopover for migrating birds – a major north-south route from Alaska to Patagonia – ......
February 14, 2016 BLOG
victoria's chinatown
The Gates of Harmonious Interest mark the entrance to Victoria's Chinatown, the oldest in Canada and the second oldest in North America (San Francisco ......
February 7, 2016 BLOG
Decor sets ambiance at your reception – romance, intimacy, elegance, simplicity. The decisions you make are reflective of your theme, your pers ......
January 31, 2016 BLOG
Photography is all about capturing a three-dimensional world in two dimension. This means you need to find ways of suggesting distance or depth. ......
January 10, 2016 BLOG
A hoar frost has coated this fallen leaf. Such a frost is a common sight in Victoria through the winter months when the temperature drops at night to ......
January 3, 2016 BLOG
just ducky
Happy New Year! Here we are in another year and it's another week to post a blog image.Beacon Hill Park, Swan Lake and Esquimalt Lagoon  ......
December 27, 2015 BLOG
sooke potholes
The canyon-like formation in this image belies the most sought after feature offered by the potholes. The Sooke potholes are ......
December 20, 2015 BLOG
merry & bright
Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!
December 13, 2015 BLOG
storm watching
Gale force winds, giant swells and lashing waves – just another winter's day on Vancouver Island. Witnessing nature's spectacular fury in all its gl ......
December 6, 2015 BLOG
These clouds started as white and fluffy and grew to dark and stormy, signalling the possibility of a rain storm. Such a sight is common on Long Beach ......
November 29, 2015 BLOG
natural frame
The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is full of amazing vistas, and sometimes you can use nature to create a frame for your image. This rock arch is found &n ......
November 22, 2015 BLOG
nature's patterns
Though these trees are the same type, the peeling, cracked texture of their bark and the difference in moss growth on each has created ......
November 15, 2015 BLOG
mary vine creek
The Sooke Hills offer some of the most scenic vistas on Vancouver Island. The potholes are a popular summer attraction, but it's the rugged rocky ......
November 8, 2015 BLOG
we remember
In Flanders fields the poppies blowBetween the crosses, row on row,That mark our place; and in the skyThe larks, still bravely singing, flyScarce hear ......
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