March 26, 2017

The favourite part of the wedding day for us as photographers is the time that we spend with the bride and groom alone—no family, no guests, no wedding party. It allows us to achieve intimate and personal images that our couples love. It also gives the couple a breather—a time to be revel in their newness as a married couple, a few moments alone to just breathe and relax, and just be themselves with each other. 

We use this time to take our creativity to a higher level. The particular technique used in this images is called bokeh (boh-kay) in photography lingo. The purpose is to create an out-of-focus background and get an incredibly shallow depth of field, creating a single subject focus.

We love this image—

  • converted to black and white to add a timelessness to it;
  • use of architecture (Victoria's Parliament Building) to add a line of sight and depth of field even before we used the bokeh technique;
  • the subject focus is our beautiful bride and our groom is present, but blurred in the background.
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