fallen log

August 23, 2015

With the wildfire at Lizard Lake and the scenic Pacific Marine Circle Route (along a former logging track) currently shut down, we re-visited some of our images taken along the route when we travelled it some time ago. The Circle Route is filled with mountain vistas, lush old-growth forests and a multitude of fast-flowing rivers and is one of the 'must do' kinds of things when living here in Victoria.

This image is a fallen log at a small waterfall of one such river, Harris Creek. It is north of the Harris Creek Spruce, beside by a small pullout on the roadway. This image is full of texture and contrast. The light colour of the bark is complemented by the dark of the rocks in behind it. This particular log had been dried out by the sun and was not rotting as you would expect for something fallen in a forest and exposed to water.

fallen log
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