wedding party fashion

January 29, 2017

One of the most fascinating things about shooting a wedding is the fashion choices. Over the years we have seen quite the evolution of fashion trends from the bridal gowns (remember puffed sleeves?) to the wedding party attire (remember layer upon layer of ruffles for the bridesmaids??!!). Even the traditional composition has changed—we now have ladies standing up with the grooms and men standing up with the bride. Huzzah for originality.

On the fashion side of things, the groom's side has been relatively 'stable'—some form of a suit, perhaps a kilt or two, maybe even casual attire. On the bride's side it's been a cornucopia of styles—blush gowns, mismatched frocks, powerful prints and sparkly sequins.

This style captured Vince's attention first for the sparkly sequins and then the amazing open back.

wedding party fashion
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